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InfoHesive: making sense of your digital life

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InfoHesive: making sense of your digital life

Post by mike »

InfoHesive: making sense of your digital life

2BrightSparks is pleased to announce the launch of InfoHesive. InfoHesive is an invaluable program that helps you organize, retrieve, and share digital information. Whether you require a superb personal information manager that can, among a host of features, significantly speed the process of responding to emails, or you're in the business of promoting your product or service, InfoHesive provides a first rate solution.

Members of this forum together with the 2BrightSparks team have contributed to the creation of InfoHesive with Titus Paul as its lead developer. Together we've made InfoHesive easy to use, yet powerful in what it can achieve. Not only can you drag and drop links to any data file on your system right into the InfoHesive Outliner for quick reference (word processing documents, spreadsheets, images, music etc.), you can add notes that are associated with your files, then call these up from the tray with a click of the mouse. InfoHesive is the glue that binds your digital life together.

For the creative individual and publisher InfoHesive has the tools to deliver polished self contained eBooks and Help Files (there's no need for the user to install software as the eBook runs immediately). eBooks are great to share illustrated stories and catalogs, Help Files allow the inclusion of additional resources to be packaged and sent to your intended audience along with the help file. The on-board editor in InfoHesive is so powerful you can produce high quality publications that can also be shared freely with others using the Freeware InfoHesive Viewer (this makes the eBook file smaller by 3MB).

Let's say you have a furniture company. Your Project WorkSpace allows you to easily organize and retrieve all your files at a click and you've notes associated with certain product files external companies have sent you. Your InfoHesive Help File presents an easy way for your customers to view and read your catalog of chairs and tables, as well as visiting your online store. In addition you present pdf coupons and other supporting resources for your furniture which completes your digital promotional pack. It's all possible with InfoHesive.

Find out more about InfoHesive at:

Launch Offer

In celebration of the launch of InfoHesive you can enjoy a 40% discount and a free upgrade to version 2 when it becomes available.


InfoHesive Downloads

The 30 day fully functioning trial of InfoHesive V1.3.0.1 is now available for download at: ... _Setup.exe
SHA1 Hash Value: 09F9397CE6BEB1982FD16BF4671B884B4265A784

The freeware InfoHesiveViewer V1.3 is available for download at: ... _Setup.exe
SHA1 Hash Value: 5BE60A5211DF01FFBF0D591E4E1E0E09B0FB7B05

We hope you find InfoHesive an invaluable addition to your digital tool-set and enjoy the ease with which you can create publishable materials.

Kind Regards,

Mike de Sousa
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd

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