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Folder Creation Dates

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Folder Creation Dates

Post by pmcx »

I am doing a demo of SyncBackPro V7.6.8.0

I am having a problem with copying files and folders earlier then a certain date
I want to scan a directory and copy folders and files that are older than 31 days

I have set the Compare Options> Date&Time> Ignore files that “have” been created “within the last” “31” “days”

The program is copying “Folders and Files” to the backup directory that match that criteria.
The problem is: It is copying Folders newer than 31 days without files in them.

Example: I have logs placed in a daily directory going back to 2015-09-01 to 2016-06-09
It is copying every directory BUT only copying files, in those directories, for 2015-09-01 to 2016-05-07
It is copying BLANK directories for FOLDERS 2016-05-08 to 2016-06-09

How do I get the program to not copy the directories 31 days and under?
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Re: Folder Creation Dates

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, there are no age-based rules in respect of folders (only in respect of files) - but you can suppress copying a Source folder from which no files were copied, c/o your age limit to the Destination 'as empty'. Just follow the instructions in 2nd post of this thread.

That 2013 OP's question was about empty-folder copying resulting from Filtering by name, but the same thing can happen when 'nil files copied from that folder' happens c/o limiting files by age or size, and the solution is the same also.

Incidentally, with your age-limit settings, you might at some point see files being copied that are more than 31 days but not yet 32 days old (e.g. 31 days 23 hours). This is because rounding-down is used by the "within the last" logic (see contextual Help on Compare Options > Date & Time settings page). You can achieve finer-tuning with larger values of smaller units, e.g. '744 hours' or '44640 minutes' (up to max of 65535 units)
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