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How to copy a single file

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How to copy a single file

Post by arogan »

I need to be able to specify a single specific file I want a profile to copy. This file has to be passed in externally somehow (command line? variable?). I know you can specify a source on the command line but is there a way to modify file selection on the fly either through command line or maybe a runtime script?

Purpose: I want to be able to create a little .cmd file that lets me basically pass a filename and a destination path so I can basically upload a single file to amazon cloud drive and I want to use syncback pro as the upload/download engine.

One idea I had is to copy the file I want uploaded to a unique directory and then override the source but that seems a bit messy. I'm guessing there is a better/cleaner way to do it.
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Re: How to copy a single file

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, OTOH I'm guessing not. You certainly can't pass a Source including the name of the file by command-line, nor any filters or (de)selection. As for scripting, a search of the Help on "filter", "filters", "selection" (etcetera) gets no hits in scripting-related Help sections except by coincidence (being able to 'filter' what gets output as a debug line, for example). It all fits the same pattern of 'no user-automation of this aspect', probably related to the fact that filters & de/selections (if any) are interlinked, and also involve cross-reference with (and storage of) details of the file-set being addressed, thus heavily application-automated already, so 'Here be dragons!' probably applies.

Note, for example, the recommendation in the Help if using a -source and/or -destination parameter/value that "you should consider using the -noselect and -nofilter command line parameters" to switch off any existing settings that may be based on the default Source (> file-set) or Destination in the profile. I guess any option to pass alternate selection or filter values would be mentioned/linked-to right there, if it existed.

Your workaround sounds do-able, though. A batch file (etc) to flush the buffer folder first, copy the desired file to it, and pass one-time -source and/or -destination values to SyncBackPro > a cloud profile may solve it. You should probably use the -noselect and -nofilter command line parameters too (see above/Help) - and/or, use a dedicated profile with its Filters and de/selections firmly switched off manually via the checkboxes provided in their respective dialogs.

Presumably someone from 2BS will chime in if I missed (or misunderstood) anything.
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