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Syncbackpro photo backup scheme - help wanted

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Syncbackpro photo backup scheme - help wanted

Post by JamesAddpeople »

I'm getting really confused with these backup options. Can someone help guide my mind...

I have 50gb of photos I want to backup fully on Sunday night for example - so i need a full backup which i want zipped and password protected. I would like SyncbackPro to analyse the folder "photos" every week and backup only new files it sees into a new password protected ZIP archive and upload that somewhere...

So do i want incremental or differential backups in SyncBackPro? And also... is it even possible for syncbackpro to do incremental/differential backups when using ZIP archives? Presumably it has to analyse the contents of the original ZIP archive to be able to determine which of the files it sees is different?

The key bit is the archiving... i want to upload my archived photos to Amazon Cloud Drive... and don;t want them seeing them all.

Can ayone offer advice on how best to approach the photo backup scheme?

2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Syncbackpro photo backup scheme - help wanted

Post by Swapna »


In SyncBack you can configure your profile/s to use either a Single zip Compression (where all files are compressed and backed-up to one single file) or Multi-zip compression (where each file is compressed to its own zip file).

However, please note that if you are backing-up files to a Single-Zip file on Amazon Drive, then the zip file will always be replaced on the Destination side (in each run). Otherwise, the process will be extremely slow to download the entire zip file, scan for changes, update the changes and re-upload it to the server. Therefore, when backing-up files to cloud server we recommend using multi-zip compression instead of a single zip compression which you can enable under:

Modify > Expert > Compression (and Encryption) setting pages

So that, SyncBackPro can scan the Source against Destination in each run and copies only new/changed files from Source to Destination. Also, please note that Incremental and Differential backups are available only in the Fast Backup mode. But, Fast Backup option is not available when backing-up files to Amazon Drive.

To run this profile every week on Sunday, you can create a schedule task under:

Modify Profile > When > Edit Schedule settings page

then select Weekly at the top of the window and tick the check box next to Sunday. And configure the start date/time of your schedule task according to your requirement.

In addition, when processing large number of files to/from a consumer-level Cloud service (excluding Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure), there is a chance that Out-of-memory errors may be encountered. You can find more details about this in the KB article below and a possible work around for this issue: ... rors-durin

Thank you.
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