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[Feature Suggest] Auto-IgnoreNewFF & Delete Un-Checked In Mirror & OpenInExplorer

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[Feature Suggest] Auto-IgnoreNewFF & Delete Un-Checked In Mirror & OpenInExplorer

Post by NewUser »


I know these features have been talked about a LOT in the forums, and seeing how much you guys LOVE to provide customization options in your product, I was really wondering why you guys didn't implement these (very-useful to some) features, even as an un-checked-by-default forgotten options deep under the thousands of options already available.

Feature Nº1: I understand that SB favors to include new FFs by default, but if you look at my profile (and a lot others), you'll find more "Ignore New FF" than include, so why don't you guys implement a small option somewhere to ease up our (us the minorities) life.

Feature Nº2: I have a mirror profile, and every time I un-check a folder, I have to browse to that folder in the destination and MANUALLY delete it, which defeats the whole purpose of using a program, why don't you guys include this as well as a side-feature (mainly for mirror profiles), especially that I've seen this issue brought up numerous times over the years. In the KB article, it says "If SyncBack had to scan filtered or un-selected folders (to know what to delete) then it would need to scan every folder and every file." That is absolutely unnecessary, I do that manually and It doesn't take me (a human) days to do, you can just keep track of selected, so that when an un-selection happens, it should delete it from destination in the next run. very simple.

Feature Nº3: Why isn't there an option to Open a folder in Explorer from the "Choose Sub-Directories & files" window ? I think that's a must, what if I want to quickly take a look at something in a folder, I have to Minimize the program and browse to that folder which could be deep down somewhere! so I think this option would be cool as well!

Finally, I want to thank you guys for the hard work you're doing, I've tried other Sync Softwares and I can assure you, None of them can even start to compare to SyncBack!
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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: [Feature Suggest] Auto-IgnoreNewFF & Delete Un-Checked In Mirror & OpenInExplorer

Post by mickyj »

Hi, thanks for your suggestions and detailed explanations.

For feature 1, we'll look at it but I know this is a tricky one to implement. As it touches on pretty much everything we need to be very careful it doesn't break anything.

Feature 2 is something that has been discussed many times before. I've heard all the arguments for and against too many times to count. I really don't want to just dismiss it out of hand, but I've never been convinced deleting something you've specifically told SyncBack to ignore is a good idea no matter how passionate the plea. We're at the receiving end when things go wrong (e.g. where have my files gone?) and adding it is far from simple. If I had a dollar for every time someone said something would be simple to implement then I'd be a rich man :)

Feature 3 is a good idea and will be in the next release. We haven't added it simply because nobody has ever asked for it before.

I appreciate you taking the time to give suggestions and for your positive feedback. Although we can't always add the features people want we certainly do take each suggestion seriously. Sometimes features that didn't fit with the software at the time are added later.
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