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Questions re logs from initial mirror job

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Questions re logs from initial mirror job

Post by Moggyman »


Newbie Alert!!

I am evaluating the Pro version on the 30 day trial licence.

I set up a mirror job between local and a remote NAS drives. When the log was emailed to me upon completion I was a bit confused by some of the content. For example I had lots of messages of the type

Failed to copy from Local NAS : Cannot copy file (1314): A required privilege is not held by the client

However, if I attempt a manual copy in Windows on one such file, it completes fine. So what privilege is it talking about?

More files and folders were skipped with the message 'Not on remote NAS' even though I had (or at least I thought I had!) specified in the job that if a file/folder existed locally then it should be copied/created on the remote device. I re-ran the job and some of the files/folders that were skipped on the first run were mirrored OK but not all?

Also, is there a way to stop the 'Ignored Reason' part of the log from being generated? I don't really need hundreds and hundreds of pages telling me that files were ignored because they were already there.

Thanks in advance.
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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Questions re logs from initial mirror job

Post by Swapna »


You question has been answered via parallel support ticket.

Thank you
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