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Monthly Backup

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Monthly Backup

Post by hoochimagoo »

Hi, I am a novice with SyncBackPro using a Windows 10 PC and would like to set up a monthly backup each year to an external HDD from my laptop and would like to gain some advice. What I would prefer in order conserve memory is a full backup once each year (January) with incremental backups (of changed/new files) added each month thereafter. I assume all the first scan will place all files in a folder named either 1 or January, with subsequent new or changed files place in the following month folders. Then each year this process is repeated to a new year. So a folder named 2016 will contain the folders: Jan (everything), Feb (incremental changes), etc. Then a new folder 2017 would have the same information for the next year.

For this I assume I create a destination folder 2016 and set the full-backup folder to D:\My Backups\2016\%MONTHNAME%\

Then I go to the Fast Backup tab and enable the option: Perform a fast backup and Delete all the files and folders in the destination before the backup, and set the full-backup folder to D:\My Backups\2016\January\

In the "Force a re-scan when:" box select the %MONTHNAME% item, I select Equals from the drop-down list to the right of the box, and enter 1 into the box to the right of the drop-down list

Is this correct so far? Also in order to repeat this process for 2017 etc. do I just copy this profile and modify it to save in a 2017 destination folder?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.
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Re: Monthly Backup

Post by Swapna »


Please submit a support ticket with your profile configuration by using the Contact Support link in this article: ... ation-file

Do not post your profile configuration on this open forum.

Thank you.
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