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RUN profile on program close - Not working?

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RUN profile on program close - Not working?

Post by juice_of_2_limes »


I am running both the latest version of Syncback Pro and one version back on different machines under Windows 10 64bit. The machine running the latest version has also been updated to the Anniversary edition.

My problem is that I am trying to get a profile to run on program close, but the profile will just not run. I have done a test with NOTEPAD also but that does not trigger the profile either. Background backups are enabled (not ticked in preferences). Does anyone else successfully run profiles under Windows 10 when programs close? I am struggling to see what the problem might be especially as it is on both machines.


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Re: RUN profile on program close - Not working?

Post by cliffhanger »

Are you any chance restarting SB Pro before your tests? If so, check the settings on Preferences menu > Options - do you have a background-trigger delay set ('Amount of time to delay before background profiles are started' - near the bottom) :?:

I had at first (which I'd forgotten), which fooled me initially, but now I have set it to [5] secs, the first Close of my test program (2 secs after Pro re-start) correctly triggers my test profile in ~5 secs, and repeat attempts (same Pro session) do so in 1-2 secs (because that trigger-delay won't be a factor again till next SB restart). So, it works OK for me (once I stopped hampering it), so seems no obvious bug.

If it still doesn't work for you with any trigger-delay either 'factored-in' or switched off, I think you need to open a support ticket with 2BS & and supply debug info. I recommend setting debug-out in Pro, then open your test program, then close/re-start Pro. Wait till any Pro trigger-delay (mentioned above) has elapsed, then close the test program and observe the result. If it still fails to trigger your profile on that close of the test program (maybe 'plus 1-3s'), all I can suggest is to generate a Support Zip of the profile in question immediately after the test-prog closure has failed to trigger the test profile in a reasonable time (do not edit or run the profile any other way (or restart Pro) until you have done so, or you will reset stuff you are trying to capture). Then open a support ticket with 2BS, and attach the Support Zip Pro will have created - by default, on your Desktop. Providing them with a link to this thread in your ticket may be handy.

This KB article has more background on setting debug-out, creating a Support Zip and raising a ticket (bullet-point #8 has a link to do so). Note that this KB article is generic, and doesn't mention the extra stages I mentioned above in italic, so you need to 'interpose' those too, in the order stated.

Good luck!
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