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Syncing to FTP server with large file, folder and GB counts

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Syncing to FTP server with large file, folder and GB counts

Post by hwd »

Using evaluation version of latest version of v7 on Windows 2014 Server to FileZilla FTP Server (latest version) on Windows 2014 Server. Servers are in separate locations, copying over the internet, both behind respective firewalls. Firewalls are both configured, as I am already using SyncBackPro to backup another folder to the same FTP server.

I am trying to back up over FTP, a folder structure (not one folder) of approx 25,000 files totalling 25GB (over 20,000 folders). Individual file+folder counts per folder look reasonable and don't look excessive (i.e. one folder with 20,000 files in it).

After 20-30 minutes (times vary), I get a "disconnected" message in FileZilla and everything stops. At the moment, only c.6,000 (870MB) of data appear to have been copied and the rest does not download.

SyncBackPro logs report "Failed to scan files: The profile was aborted because the connection to the FTP server was lost and could not be re-established."

I am obviously incurring a timeout somewhere but where? I suspect that FileZilla is dropping the connection as initially files are not being copied. FTP server is in passive mode.

We use FileZilla a lot and my preference would be not to replace it. SyncBackPro is likely to lose out first, that is why I am asking the question here and why I am evaluating it.

Any help would be appreciated.

2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Syncing to FTP server with large file, folder and GB counts

Post by Kostas »


I suggest submitting a support ticket for your failing profile by using the Contact Support in the below link in this article and attach the zip file. ... ation-file

If your Zip is over 30MB, contact us for alternate instructions, advising the actual size. Do not try to attach to the ticket!

Do not post (nor links to) Support Zips on this open forum.

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