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Windows to FTP Remote Linux Sync issue

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Windows to FTP Remote Linux Sync issue

Post by comsis »

Good day. Please We aprreciate your value help with this issue.

1. We've copied from Windows server 2008R2 a whole folder to external USB 3.7 GB. ( Main Office)
2. We've copied this folder to FTP FreeNAS server 3.7 GB (Remote Office)
3. From the Main Office server, on SyncbackPro We try to sync and spend a lot of time (hours) on 10 MB Internet.
The both data, It doesn't changed. We've setted owner, permissions etc, on FTP side.

If the data it's the same, why the SyncbackPro shows Copying files an spend a lot of time on sync?

Thanks for your ideas in advance.

From Colombia.
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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Windows to FTP Remote Linux Sync issue

Post by Swapna »


SyncBackPro (by default) in each run scans the Source against Destination (except for Fast Backup profile) to identify the file differences on both sides (using the Last Modification date/time stamps, size etc.) and copies only new or changed files from the Source to Destination, without overwriting unchanged files. Please refer to this link for more details: ... nged-files

However, if SyncBackPro is proposing to recopy unchanged files then most likely, it has identified differences in the last modification date/time stamps and/or size attributes of files.  

If you want to know the exact differences between your Source and Destination files, you can run the profile in manual mode (ctrl +R), when the Differences Window appeared, select/highlight a file that has been proposed to be copied to Destination (which you know that has already been copied to Destination and no changes were made to the Source file) and look at the lower-left corner for a panel which will show what those differences are.

If you want us to further investigate on your issue please submit a support zip and a screen shot of the Difference Window using the Contact Support links in this article for further investigation. ... ation-file

Thank you.
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