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Folder Cannot Be Deleted Because of Hidden Files - SBP Setting

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Folder Cannot Be Deleted Because of Hidden Files - SBP Setting

Post by sbquint »

Just a random thank you for a fine product in Syncback Pro.

I had some folders that wouldn't delete when I ran a profile. Assuming Syncback must have a good reason, since the developer has a long history of smart decisions, I went digging. I discovered hidden files in the folders. Then I found this in the SB profile:
if a folder cannot be deleted because it's not empty, and it just contains the following files, then delete them to make it empty:
Perfect !!! That fixed it! Just what I needed.

I love how it's obvious that Syncback has been around a long time and been maintained by a very talented developer.

I really wish you had a Mac version. I've been using SB Pro daily for 10 or 15 years. Mickey is a star in the world of software. My biggest gap on my Mac is backup software. I've tried a dozen or so file sync apps for the Mac. All pale in comparison to Syncback! I run a Windows VM just to back up my Mac files. Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac-only) is way better than any Windows imaging software, but CCC just does the Mac's image. I also want to backup my Mac's files separately, and Syncback is the best file backup/sync around, on any platform.

Still hoping for a Mac version one day.

Thanks Mikey, you're awesome.
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Re: Folder Cannot Be Deleted Because of Hidden Files - SBP Setting

Post by Swapna »


Thank you very much for your compliments.

SyncBackPro/SE are supported only on Windows. However, if you want to backup files from Mac, then you may have to use SyncBack Touch for this purpose.

But Touch requires either SyncBackPro or SE V7 to be installed on a separate Windows PC to function. It acts as a remote agent for SyncBackPro/SE (V7) that allows it to remotely access a device’s file system in order to perform backup/restore and sync operations over the network.

Each SyncBackPro/SE license purchase comes with two complimentary connections to SyncBack Touch (if more are required, Touch licenses can be purchased separately).    

Therefore, you can try installing SyncBackPro on your Windows PC/Server and SyncBack Touch on Mac and create a profile in SyncBackPro to connect to the remote Touch device to backup files from Mac to an internal/external or a network drive.

You can refer to the below links for more details about SyncBack Touch and how to create and configure a Touch profile: ... touch.html ... ouch-guide ... ofile.html 

Thank you.
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