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Amazon drive with SyncBack Pro - Any good?

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2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Amazon drive with SyncBack Pro - Any good?

Post by Swapna »


The cloud.db file is created during the profile run and it is updated after each successful file upload to the server. Sorry, there is no setting available in SyncBack to enable/disable the use of this cloud.db file.

Thank you.
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Re: Amazon drive with SyncBack Pro - Any good?

Post by sird »

I have a similar problem, even if the database is created and uploaded on amazon drive, it seems that the modification detection ignore it, proposing always the file to be updated, even if just uploaded
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Re: Amazon drive with SyncBack Pro - Any good?

Post by dwalker59 »

I wanted to say that I have been using SyncBackPro to copy to Amazon S3, and it works fine.

I get a bill for about $2.50 each month from Amazon, more or less. I am very happy with the setup. I also verified that I can see all of my files on Amazon's side. Now, if I had to restore all of the files, I'm sure it would take a while.
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