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Prompt for variable value on profile start

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Prompt for variable value on profile start

Post by starsean »

Is there a way to get SyncBackPro to prompt/ask me for the value of a profile variable every time the profile is run? I'm trying to set up a profile which allows me to choose a folder under a defined path to sync (without changing settings each time).

The use case is to allow me to copy a subset of my photos to/from my laptop (as there isn't space for all of them), where the subset to copy will change depending on what I'm working on.
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Re: Prompt for variable value on profile start

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, there is no option in SyncBackPro to prompt for a variable at run time. If you wish you can write a customized script to do this with the help of the example scripts provided in the SyncBackPro program folder. But note that we don't provide bespoke support/assistance to write customized scripts for users as this is beyond the scope of our support.

However, there is a feature "Windows Shell Extension" in SyncBackPro, which allows you to select a folder (or drive) from the Windows explorer (by right clicking on the folder in Windows File Explorer) and run the profile with the selected folder as the source or destination. You can configure this under:

SyncBackPro's main-interface > Preferences menu > Windows Shell Extension settings page

Please read the Help file for more details about the options available in this page and how to configure them. With Windows Shell Extension settings page opened, click on Help button to open the help file.

Thank you.
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