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trial running noinstall request elevated permissions

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trial running noinstall request elevated permissions

Post by freewilly3d »

I'm doing a trial of professional - no install. When I run the executable on my work computer it is requesting elevated permissions? I am a consultant and many clients do not allow software to be installed. Does this software require access to write into the registry? If not why does it require elevated permissions.

2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: trial running noinstall request elevated permissions

Post by Swapna »


Please note that SyncBackPro/SE (by default) runs elevated. Please read this KB article for more details: ... permission

By running elevated SyncBackPro can copy open/locked files, creating or deleting schedules etc. Therefore, when it is run it requests that it be run at the maximum security level for the current user.

However, if you wish to run SyncBackPro as non-elevated, then you can create a non-elevated copy as explained in the 'Creating a non-elevated copy' section of the above KB article. And you will need to repeat any manifest-switch whenever you update (because the update will overwrite your non-admin version of SyncBackPro.exe.manifest with a new admin-level default version with the same original name).  

Also, please note that if you run SyncBackPro as non-elevated then certain features may not work as explained here: ... d-syncback

Thank you.
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