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Incremental Backup

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Incremental Backup

Post by noar1912 »


I own synckbackPro and i followed this method to make incremental Backup via FTP (2 jobs, week 1 and week 2) ... backup.htm
keep 7 days worth of backups, and have a full-backup on Mondays and incremental backups on all the other days of the week:

•Create a backup profile and configure your source as appropriate

•Set the Destination to something (the %DAYOFWEEK% is required) like D:\My Backups\%DAYOFWEEK%\

•Go to the Fast Backup tab and enable the options: Perform a fast backup and Delete all the files and folders in the destination before the backup, and set the full-backup folder to D:\My Backups\1\

•In the "Force a re-scan when:" box select the %DAYOFWEEK% item, select Equals from the drop-down list to the right of the box, and enter 1 into the box to the right of the drop-down list (we use 1 because Monday is day 1, Tuesday is day 2, etc).

•You should schedule the profile to run just once every day
But i thought each monday (my full backup) all data was erased before make a new fresh full backup, but i look to be a kind of differential backup.
Is It possible to delete all files in the backup of my week before the full backup ?

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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Incremental Backup

Post by Swapna »


Could you please send a support ticket to [email protected], with those 2 FTP profiles (select the profile from SyncBackPro’s main-interface > right click > Export Profile) for further assistance.

Thank you.
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