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Encryption not working

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Encryption not working

Post by brightyo »

I enabled compression and encryption (winzip 9 AES 256) for a schedule but I can double click on it and view the contents without entering a password. SHouldn't I be prompted for a password?
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Re: Encryption not working

Post by cliffhanger »

Using single-Zip (all files in one Zip)? Now try opening one of the files in the Zip and you'll need to supply the password to do so. Naturally, having the filenames 'in plain' helps you decide which file to double-click (etc). This is as per the original Zip standard (where the files' contents are encrypted, their names are not) and is how single-Zip encryption (more accurately, the 3rd-party compression engine used) works in SB versions up to and including the current V7. If you do an Advanced Search of the forum on "single-zip password", there is some discussion of this subject.

In the upcoming V8 Pro version, it seems there are now some new options to encrypt filenames inside single-Zips (only) using the SecureZip method (or compatible)

viewtopic.php?f=33&t=12719 (bottom of list)

Note: unless you possess/obtain the full version of SecureZip (or something compatible), you may need to take 2BS's word for it that filenames are encrypted, because the free SecureZip Reader from PKware only extracts/decrypts (you can't use it to view a Zip's contents to check how the filenames look). The full versions seems to start out at $40. Trying 7Zip does indeed simply display an inner file called 0 with zero size, and Windows itself (Win10 > Explorer) just says 'cannot open/invalid' (i.e. not supported natively). 2BS's reply to the topic 12758 (2nd link above) implies SecureZip itself is required (although obviously SB Pro V8 can read / Restore it - I tested that, and so did user morice - see topic 12758 again)
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