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Retention policy on files backedup to AWS S3 storage

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Retention policy on files backedup to AWS S3 storage

Post by mikestoz »

Hello Board,
Running SyncBackPro V7 on a Windows 2012-R2 server.

I am having issues with .bak files being written to S3 storage from the local source, but the retention of these is mirroring what is currently in the sources heirarchy. Not seeing anything in the help files in regards to retention.

What I am trying to do is send my .BAK DB back files to S3 storage weekly, and then retaining one full .BAK file per month in S3 storage. Should be a simple setting but I am not seeing anything pertaining to retention. I am seeing under the description of the profile that "Files onlu on Amazon Drive are deleted". Where is this to be re-configured.
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Re: Retention policy on files backedup to AWS S3 storage

Post by Swapna »


We have answered your questions via parallel support ticket.

Thank you.
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