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Detect Changes to Folder -> Copy to Dest

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Detect Changes to Folder -> Copy to Dest

Post by dlenos »

I have a folder with several million files. I would like to perform a 1 time sync to my backup folder - then set SBpro to copy files from the source to the dest when it detects changes to the source (ie new file added, file updated). I don't want it to scan each time just toss the file into the dest when it is created - without regard to what is in the dest at the time (ie, overwrite it every time). What's interesting is if i set up a test of 2 folders - it will sync them 'real time' as expected. If i deleted files from the dest folder, and add a new file to the source, I get ALL files in the source copied over to the dest again. So it must be comparing the 2 folders. With millions of files I can not see that working well.

I just want a dumb - detect the new file in source - copy to dest - profile.

What am I doing wrong on the setup?
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Re: Detect Changes to Folder -> Copy to Dest

Post by cliffhanger »

dlenos wrote:I just want a dumb - detect the new file in source - copy to dest - profile. What am I doing wrong on the setup?
Nothing - it's simply not supported. SB doesn't do 'blind copying'. This topic (mainly the 2014 reconfirmation from 2BS) has more background. SB is designed to populate two lists (representing Source & Destination) and distill from them a list of Differences which drives the rest of the logic (applying your Decision rules, etc.) There's simply no logic to do it any other way than 'by comparison'.

For a standard* local or networked Destination resource (e.g. USB disk, NAS, etc), you could probably create a (non-archival) Fast Backup profile which makes a database of the contents of the Destination on run-1, then on run-2-and-later loads the database into the comparison logic (instead of scanning the Destination disk again). Depending on your system topology/bandwidth, this may be significantly faster than scanning the Destination disk itself, but any speed gain does rely on you not Forcing Rescan of the Destination. This in turn means making independent changes to the Destination contents - without a Rescan - can be dangerous, because the profile won't know about them and may thus make incorrect decisions. An FB profile will update its database with regard to changes SB made to the Destination itself, but not with regard to any changes you make on that side (unless you Rescan).

But, there's no way of avoiding scanning the actual Source (to populate the comparison logic), so if that's too slow for you, you may need a different strategy or product.

* Fast Backup can't be used with some non-standard resources - for example, most consumer-level Cloud services are not compatible with FB. More info on the contextual help page for Fast Backup
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