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network reconnect problems

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network reconnect problems

Post by fbungartz »

Hi everyone,
I have configured SyncBack to run on my desktop PC at startup. Some of the profiles are used to sync some folders of the desktop with several different laptops. These laptops are not necessarily always online; often I only hook them up to my home network, when I need to synchronize the folders.
In Windows 10 file Explorer the folders on the laptop(s) are immediately recognized from the desktop PC as network folders. But SyncBack (running in the background) does not "see" these drives once they come online. It still "thinks" the laptop(s) [and their folders that I want to synchronize] are offline. Running a profile results in an almost endless loop, when SyncBack tries to find the folder on the laptop, but ultimately fails. Only "Exit" and "Restart" resolves this problem, because once I restart the program the folders are instantaneously recognized.

This is quite a nuissance and it [almost] defies the purpose of having SyncBack running in the background at startup. With USB drives this is not a problem; once they are inserted, SyncBack immediately detects them. Only network drives are not recognize, when they are "plugged-in" via LAN cable or via WLAN...

I have been slightly irritated by this already since the previous versions of SyncBack, but oddly enough this bug persists even ins SyncBack 7...
Any chance that could get fixed???

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