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Help with Cloud Backup's

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Help with Cloud Backup's

Post by Blackduke »

Hi, Can someone help me with my backup and file distribution problem, I am trying to find a new solution to replace an existing application doing the same thing but now struggling.

I basically I would like to achieve a few things:

1. I have a source that maintains a rolling 3 days worth of logs, I would like to upload these to a 2 x cloud providers for backup and sharing. as files are deleted from the local source I would like to delete from the cloud after a further x number of days.

2. I have a second server in a different data centre where I would like to download the same log files from the cloud provider to a local folder but only download the latest x day's

Can I do this with Syncback Pro, if so how?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Re: Help with Cloud Backup's

Post by Swapna »


1. You can create a Mirror profile in SyncBackPro with Source pointing to a folder where your primary data is stored, and Destination to the cloud server. Then configure the Modify > Expert > Decision-Files > What to do if a file exists on Destination but not on Source > Delete file from destination if it hasn't been modified within the last x days.

When the profile is next run, SyncBackPro will copy new/changed files from source to destination and delete destination ‘only’ files (files that are present only on destination) that have not been modified within that X number of days.

Please read the Help file > Using SyncBackPro > Basic Operations > Creating a Profile and Running a Profile for the steps to create and run your first profile. With SyncBackPro opened, press F1 to open the contextual help.

2. Create a Backup profile in SyncBackPro on the second server with Source pointing to cloud server and Destination to a folder on local drive. Then configure the setting Ignore files that [have/have not] been modified [within the last] XX [seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years] OR [since] [calendar date] [calendar time]


Modify Profile > Expert Mode > Compare Options > Date & Time settings page

to ignore older files based on their last modification date/time stamps and download the remaining files to destination. Please read the help file > Compare Options > Date & Time settings page for more details about this option.

You can also read this forum post for additional details:


Thank you.
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