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(minor) feature requests: email log settings

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(minor) feature requests: email log settings

Post by walkermacy »

I would like to request a couple of changes to the settings for the "email log" function:
  • Move (or duplicate) the mail server "port" setting from the "Advanced" page to the "Email Log" page. Pretty much every application I have used that allows configuring an email server setup puts both the server hostname and the port number right next to each other. We limit the use of our Exchange server's port 25, forcing all internal SMTP relay traffic from servers and devices to use port 587 instead. It was easy enough for me to find it and change it on the "Advanced" page, but I have to try and think about the people who cover for me when I'm gone and also the person(s) who will succeed me in this position and how easy it's going to be for them to troubleshoot or just figure out how things are set up in many, many applications and services. Having things both uniform and easy to find are both really helpful to me in that respect.
  • Separate the log notification message "subject" line setting out from the shared email configuration, so users can configure a shared server setup and use it across many profiles but be able to customize the message subject for each one. Right now I can't use the shared configuration because I customize the subject line for each message. If I want to change something in the mail server configuration, it has to be changed in every profile, which is tedious when there are a bunch of profiles in use.
The software is great, overall, and I've been very happy with it as an easy-to-use and inexpensive disk-to-disk backup software solution. I'm particularly happy that BackBlaze B2 connectivity has been implemented in v8, also. \:D/
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Re: (minor) feature requests: email log settings

Post by Swapna »


Thank you for your suggestions.

I will pass your change requests to the relevant department for further review and consideration.

Thank you.
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