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Sync Profile is not starting

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Sync Profile is not starting

Post by gdc84 »

Hi everyone
I have a problem with SyncBackPro
I set 5 different profiles, each one having his own different schedule and having a different Shared Folder of a NAS as Destination (I log in to the nas through a password which is already saved in Windows (I asked Win to remember it) - when I set the profile I just browse in MyComputer and choose the NAS shared folder I want to set as Destination.

Now, I have a problem with starting of one of these profiles, while the other 4 work fine.
It happens that in the MAIN MENU I see that profile has started but it was not a "Valid execution". While Other profile has a same date between "Last Execution" and "Last VALID Execution"
If I start manually then it works fine.
I tried to find out any difference in Windows Scheduler between this task or the other task that are currently working fine differences...
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