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Remote Server Daily Report of Works

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Remote Server Daily Report of Works

Post by redozbris »

Howdy Everyone,

Have been Using V6 / V7 for a couple of years for my backups, and I would like to say it works great, it does what it is supposed to do, and creates very few dramas for me.

I've recently got my hands on a ML10V2 HP Proliant, and have put two 5TB Drives in mirror on windows 2008R2 x64, I am going to put this at home, to simply pull the latest mirror from the main server here, via a PPTP link between the office and home, It works fine, its a little slow on the ADSL links, but I was wondering if anyone has a script/method/howto on how to create and email a report of the daily activities (not the actual full reports etc) Simply a report to say it ran , and it worked?

I know its going to be a simply answer, but it only seems to send emails on 'errors'


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Re: Remote Server Daily Report of Works

Post by cliffhanger »

redozbris wrote:I know its going to be a simply answer, but it only seems to send emails on 'errors'
Hi, it sounds like you have enabled the setting ''Only send the email if an error occurs' at start of

Modify profile > Expert mode > Log > Advanced

Turn that option off (uncheck it), and consider selecting instead the option further down that same settings page to 'Only attach the log file if an error occurs'. This combination will send an email for all runs, whether Success or otherwise, but only attach the log (optionally compressed/encrypted - see relevant/related options for this on same page) if there was a problem. Press F1 with Log > Advanced page open for contextual Help.

Additionally, if the run did not succeed 100%, then the email Subject will be prefixed with the tag '[Failed] ' (there may also be a brief reason such as '(Scan Failure) ' appended to the prefix tag). So, if you use the 'only attach log on error' option you can rely on an email that doesn't include either a tag in the Subject or an attached log as having been a Success. Conversely, if there was not 100% Success,the email should have both a tag in the Subject to say so and a log attached with details.

Note there is no automatic tagging of 'Success' in the Subject (only the absence of anything indicating the opposite). If you do not want to rely on the absence of a Failure tag (or a log) to 'prove' a Success, you can optionally make a custom email body (bottom option on same Log > Advanced settings page) with a suitable caption such as "Result: " in tandem with the built-in SB Variable %RUNRESULT%

Help > Search > "variables" (without the quotes) > Emailing the log section for other values you can notify in a custom mail body. You need to devise and add your own optional caption/s, as above.

If you don't actually want a log to be emailed under any circumstances, there is an option on Log > Advanced to 'Do not [i.e, ever] attach the log file, just send the email body'. In this case, you can rely on the other textual options mentioned above to identify if the run was a Success or a Failure, but you may need to manually access the log by other means to find out the full details if there was a problem.
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