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Can a backup destination be a local web address?

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Can a backup destination be a local web address?

Post by BMWBig6 »

I'm having local networking issues that are preventing my Windows 10 64-bit client from accessing a previously mapped network drive (pointing to a USB storage device connected to my Netgear home router using Netgear's Readyshare service). My SBP backup profiles used to work fine when Windows could access the old mapped network location, but I want to know if I can reconfigure my backup (technically mirror) profiles to use a web address as a destination instead. Because while I cannot access my old mapped drive at "\\READYSHARE\USB_Storage\" I can access the following internal addresses using my web browser:

Can SBP use these internal addresses as destinations, and what is the proper syntax for pointing it there? The software documentation and knowledge base doesn't seem to provide much info about using these types of addresses as destinations, but if SBP supports cloud uploads I assume there is a way to do this somehow.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or assistance. Alternatively, I could enable FTP access on my router's Readyshare service, but wanted to see if access via http would work first.
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Re: Can a backup destination be a local web address?

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We have answered via your parallel support ticket.

Thank you.
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