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Feature request: Global file filters

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Feature request: Global file filters

Post by walkermacy »

I have gotten in the habit of using file extension filters for both whitelisting and blacklisting extensions, after have gone through two ransomware hits. So far it seems to work fine (haven't actually had a genuine test of it yet and hopefully never will).

I have maybe 13 profiles total and when I need to add or remove something from a filter, I have to do it one at a time for each profile. This is tedious, to say the least. It occurred to me that having a "global" filter list would be really useful for those who have a lot of profiles and want to ensure certain file types are never copied by any profile. This would be in addition to the per-profile filtering that's already in place.

I've looked around and found nothing like this in the software already and no forum posts about it, so I figured it was worth a shot to ask for it.
Conrad Chung
2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Feature request: Global file filters

Post by Conrad Chung »

You can use 'Save as defaults' option available under the 'Click for Options' menu(located at the top-left of the Modification settings page).

You can save the configured settings of a particular settings page as default using 'Save as defaults' option. For example, if you have saved the settings configured under simple page(may be your Source and Destination paths) as default then, when you create a new profile the simple page will be loaded automatically with the default settings saved previously.

You can save the settings of more than one page as default. for example, you can save the settings of the simple page, Copy/Delete Advanced page, Compare options page etc., as defaults and when you create a new profile then all those pages will be loaded automatically with default settings.

Please note that if you wish to save the settings of a sub-page for example, the filter settings page then, you can do this by using Options menu > 'Make this the default' option available in the Filter settings page(but not with the 'Save as defaults' option available under the 'Click for Options' menu).

For the existing profiles, If you wish to load the saved default settings, then you can do this by going to that settings page and by selecting the 'Load defaults' option under 'Click for options' menu.

In the future if you would like to revert the saved default settings back to factory configuration, then you can refer to this KB article below for the detailed steps: ... ctory-conf

Additionally, you can also make use of 'Shared settings' feature available in the some of the settings pages like FTP, Cloud, Network etc.,

Please refer to the Help file for more details on using Shared settings. Help file > Using SyncBackPro > Basic operations > Shared settings.
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