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onchange on startup

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onchange on startup

Post by bertelu »

hi, i saw that syncback is creating a task in thask scheduler to start automatically when the user logs in.
by scheduling, i can setup a profile to run at a certain time even if the user is not logged on.
my profile is:
source=network share
destination=another network share
when=onchange on source
that type of profile is not tied to a time to be executed, and i would be sure that even if the server is rebooting the profile get executed.
since i cant set a task to be executed at a certain time nor when a user logging in, how can i be sure to not miss a profile run?
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2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: onchange on startup

Post by Swapna »


As stated in the help file > When > Changes settings page:

SyncBackPro must be running (in the background) for it to be able to detect changes on Source/Destination. If you make changes to files when SyncBack is not running or the PC is shutdown (or rebooting) then those changed will not be detected, and they won't be backed-up to destination. This is an important point to consider when using When > Changes setting. Thus, we suggest configuring the profile to run periodically (in addition to OnChanges setting) to backup all those changed files to destination.

Please read the help for additional details. With When > Changes settings page opened, press F1 to open the contextual help.

Thank you.
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