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Auto backup Windows clients to server without domain.

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Auto backup Windows clients to server without domain.

Post by dchaps »

Syncbackpro user. I've always managed to get it to do everything I want but struggling with this:

Small office. About 12 Windows 10 users with laptops and a 2012 server (for file and print) in the office.
Laptop users all visit the office about once a week at different times.
Laptops are not in a domain but I can create an account on them.
Laptops have a folder containing important files and Outlook PST that I'd like to backup to the 2102 server which runs Syncback pro whenever they are in the office.

Perfect would be for Syncback pro to "reach out" and backup that folder from their laptop to the server whenever it sees them connect to the network. This can't be periodic as there is no set time when they are in the office. I don't think that is possible is it ?

Alternate way, clients have Syncback pro on their laptop and when it sees them in the office and connected to the server it then runs a script to backup to the server. I've got close to that working. It's easier to configure it to "push" and if I auto map a network drive to the server then it sort of tells you it's in the office and that could be a trigger - but some users connect via slow VPN links where that mapped drive connects and I want to avoid those - the backup can wait until their laptop is physically in the office.

This can't be an unusual requirement. any suggestions how to do it please ?

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Re: Auto backup Windows clients to server without domain.

Post by cowelln »

Same problem here - there doesn't seem to be an easy way.

I've tried a hot-key, but the users never remember.

If a profile runs when they connect, then their laptop runs slowly just when they want to do something.

We need to know when they're in the office (i.e. on a particular external IP), otherwise you risk running the profile when they're connected via a mobile phone hotspot or VPN or something.

Perhaps we could have a Group setting that only runs the profiles if it can connect to the server?

Not advisable to use mapped drives anymore - ransomware!
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Re: Auto backup Windows clients to server without domain.

Post by Swapna »


To backup files from laptops to the server when they are connected to your network:

1. Install SyncBack Touch on laptops and SyncBackPro on the server PC

2. Create a Touch profile (one profile for each device) in SyncBackPro to connect to the remote touch device in order to perform backup over the network: ... ofile.html

3. Then enable the option ‘Run this profile when SyncBack Touch starts on the device’ under:

Modify > Expert > SyncBack Touch settings page

to run the profile automatically when the configured Touch device is found on your local network. However, this option will only work if SyncBackPro is configured to connect to Touch device using its name, and if the client PCs are in the same network and subnet with the server PC. Please read the help file > SyncBack Touch settings page for more details about this option.

More details about SyncBack Touch can be found here: ... ouch-guide ... touch.html  

Each SyncBackPro license purchase comes with two complimentary connections to SyncBack Touch (if more are required, Touch licenses can be purchased separately). So, please install SyncBackPro and Touch on your end and perform complete evaluation tests to see if it works?

Thank you.
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