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Hot-Key Already Registered Error Messasge

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Hot-Key Already Registered Error Messasge

Post by kargoe »

I thought I had this problem solved for a while now but it just recently came back.

I have 5 profiles that run on various triggers based on file changes in particular folders.

Adding those 5 profiles, I have also set up a group which triggers all 5 to run as a group on boot. (Actually about 120 seconds after boot).
Finding that really handy, at some point LONG ago, I set up a hot key to fire off that group profile outside of the boot routine.

I hence FORGOT that hot key and just yesterday thought, 'Hey, I should set up a hot key for this group as well'. Like I say, I apparently had this same idea some time ago as when I went in to set the hot key, I realized the field was already populated with a great hot key sequence. I thought, 'Oh, great! Already thought of this, let's try it."

So, I tried the hot-key - all worked accordingly. That is, until I booted this morning and Syncbackpro has notified me that the hot-key is 'already registered'.

I get the feeling that until I had gone into the group profile to check on the hot-key, all was fine. But, because I went into that screen and saw that the hotkey existed, it's somehow trying to instantiate this hotkey now twice on boot.

Any ideas? Every boot now produces this same error message. Thanks in advance.
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