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just 2 question about dropbox and portable version?

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just 2 question about dropbox and portable version?

Post by Giulia »

i'm running v8 last version installation mode 64bit under windows 10 pro 64bit

well when i sync in dropbox syncbackpro does always upload to dropbox in compression mode even my source haven't been changed
is there a way to sync & upload to dropbox only when the source are modified ?
maybe would be a good idea create a folder in dropbox and synch my files without compression?
can syncbackpro check if my source file and the files in dropbox are the same (no changed no modified) ?

2) i have 2 ssd and 2 trascend external hard disk ,and i use the portable version too , always the last version
i'm worried that my serial number will stored in the machine where i use syncbackpro , in short where does it store the license(serial) the portable version?
i use the same serial for syncback pro installation and portable version , i guess i can do it, i don't need 2 license
i use the portable version at work for personal purpose ,just so i can finish my job at home in the week end (i know it's sad work in the week end)

and another question ,why the portable version create empty folder in the host machine ? at work i can't install synchback pro , nobody can install a program , and they have never installed syncbackpro
in the host machine i have these empty folder
even i don't run as administrator
could be please fixed in the next version ,i have always delete them , i 'm worried just because i work in a legal studio... [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<

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Re: just 2 question about dropbox and portable version?

Post by Swapna »


Can you please submit a support ticket to [email protected] for assistance.

Thank you.
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