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SBP run problem: won't terminate

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SBP run problem: won't terminate

Post by JHH »

I am running SBPro v8.5.17.0 (32 bit) on Windows 10 build 10.0.16299.

The problem is that while most of my profiles run just fine, one of them will not terminate when it's through backing up. Instead it repeats endlessly until I terminate it manually. This profile is triggered by changes. It is part of the group ("daily backups"). The rest of the group's profiles run fine. I have a near duplicate of it in another group ("weekly backup"). The profile in this group backs up the same set of files as the problem profile (but weekly instead of daily), and it works just fine. The major difference in the weekly backup is that it is triggered by inserting a hard disc rather than by changes.

I have tried deleting the folders the problem profile backs up to thinking that when it re-created them, it would do it right and the problem would be solved, but that didn't work. I have been unable to find a solution in the technical help articles.

Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: SBP run problem: won't terminate

Post by cliffhanger »

Check the [most/very-recent] log for the profile that keeps triggering, specifically the Trigger section in the upper section of the main log page, which will tell you what caused the profile to run 'again' on the logged occasion (likely a new file, or a change to a file, or a file deletion). More importantly, check what the (probable) file's location is. Is it within the scope of the profile's Source (or Destination, if you are monitoring for changes there)?

My first guess is that you are (without realizing it / the consequences) monitoring for changes in a location (path) that includes the log storage for SB itself, so every time that profile runs (or another profiles does...), at the end of that run, SBP does log housekeeping (adding just-completed run log, maybe deleting oldest log...) and the Change to files in that sub-location triggers another run...IOW, a feedback loop.

If so, you will either need to change where the logs are stored (for all profiles) to somewhere outside the scope of the (or, any) profile/s, or (possibly simpler) tell the problem profile not to back up the logs of the profiles at all (use the Choose Subdirectories & Files button and de-select* the sub-path to the log storage). Or, switch off the OnChange option (it sounds like you are running the profile c/o a Group anyway?)

* de-selecting the logs' sub-path will prevent changes to files in that sub-path following up on (acting upon) the OnChange trigger (note that such a deselection will also stop the contents of that sub-path being backed up at all). The Trigger details in the log (see para-1) may well give you the location of the log-storage, or you can check it directly via Preferences (main SB UI menu) > Log Settings
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