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Feature Request: Grade locked file errors as warnings

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Feature Request: Grade locked file errors as warnings

Post by mgutt »

I'm using the Surface of my wife with my own account. By that I do not have full rights so SyncBack is not able to copy some (20-30) locked files, buts that is really ok for me:
Failed to copy from Quelle : File is locked: Cannot open file "\\?\C:\Users\xxxxx\NTUSER.DAT". Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da sie von einem anderen Prozess verwendet wird

L:CWD /xxxxx/$SBV$/
R:550 /xxxxx/$SBV$: No such file or directory.
L:CWD /xxxxx/
R:250 CWD command successful.
R:257 "/xxxxx" is current directory.
R:550 SBSE____.0XD: No such file or directory.
But as I'm receiving every 30 minutes an error log I like to have an option to grade locked file errors as warnings.

A second wish: Create an error if more than 1% of all files are warnings.
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Re: Feature Request: Grade locked file errors as warnings

Post by Swapna »


To prevent the occurrence of any risky or unexpected situations, we record all file copy errors (including locked file copy errors) as Errors. However, I will pass your request to the relevant department for their review.

Thank you.
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Re: Feature Request: Grade locked file errors as warnings

Post by Engztrom »

Yes, it would be nice with a more granular classification of errors/warnings.

One idea, that would work for me, is checkbox options to only display "access denied" or "locked" errors for files that haven't previously been detected in a scan with those errors, but on all subsequent scans with the same problem either silently ignore them (flag them as "skipped")
or reduce them to warnings.

Another idea is a filter list, similar to the backup selection filter, for those errors.
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