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Windows 10 upgrades Stuff up my backups

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Windows 10 upgrades Stuff up my backups

Post by justauser »

I use Syncback Pro on a single computer to backup from my other PC's to that computer using SBPro. The computer running Syncback is running Windows 7 Pro and acts as a kind of central server (Computer A).

I have been doing this for years. I have an administrative user that uniquely exists on all computers with a common password. This user is only used for backup purposes. Syncback runs on a schedule from Computer A and backs up changed files on Computer B, and on a different schedule backs up files on Computer C.

What happens is every time that Windows does a 'feature update' it removes the backup user from the Documents folders. The user still exists but does not have permissions to access the files and as a result, when Syncback runs it thinks that there are no files in that folder. The backup runs but does not see any files or sub-folders. I have to manually re-add the backup user to the permissions for those folders.

I understand why this happens. Basically, when windows does a feature update it recreates the user and migrates the files. In some ways, this is no different to the good old days where we might upgrade our PC's and need to recreate everything. The difference is that Windows is doing this stuff in its own time (curse you MS) and more frequently, hence I forget each time the significance of what has just happened and can go for some time before realising that my backups while running, are not seeing anything to back up.

So this is the problem and I'm just wondering if any clever people out there have some suggestions about how to overcome this in some way - perhaps some kind of script associated with the scheduled run that could detect the change and alert me. I'm also curious to know if this kind of problem affects others and how they deal with it.
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Re: Windows 10 upgrades Stuff up my backups

Post by OReally »

I run a PowerScript file at every boot using Task Scheduler that changes permissions on some folders and some other stuff windows likes to change back sometimes
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