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A possible way to accelerate backups

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A possible way to accelerate backups

Post by Swifty »

I'm watching a backup from a USB drive to a Local Ethernet Raid device (Drobo 5N). The content was my music library which is mostly MP3 files around 2-4Mb and CD images of whole music albums, typically about 400-500 Mb.

I noticed that the large CD images transferred a lot faster than the corresponding set of MP3 files of the same album despite the sum of the MP3 files being significantly smaller.

I surmise this is because the need to open and close the MP3 files was slowing things down. It was exacerbated by the relatively slow transfer rates of the network drive.

This reminded me of a performance improvement Microsoft implemented in the copy function of Windows Explorer.exe in Windows 10 (I think 10; maybe earlier). The enhanced copy function copies "bunches" of files, but leaves the file closing to be done in one "go" at the end, avoiding repeated updating of the directory.

I wondered if something similar could be deployed in SyncBack(pro). Or perhaps this feature already exists, and I've missed it.

I can see that there is potential for data loss should the backup fail when it was partway through a "bunch of files", but since the backup had failed, there was plenty more data loss to worry about (i.e. new files not getting copied).
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Re: A possible way to accelerate backups

Post by Swapna »


Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass this on to the relevant department for their review.

Thank you.
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