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Sync with two different GDrive accounts

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Sync with two different GDrive accounts

Post by nodeboy »


is this possible ?

sync local-drive-a with gdrive-account X
sync local-drive-b with gdrive-account Y

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Re: Sync with two different GDrive accounts

Post by Swapna »


Have you used linked cloud accounts feature (in SyncBackPro) when authenticating with your first Google Drive account? If yes, any new Google Drive profile created will automatically use the linked account. So, you need to un-link the linked account before authorizing with the second GDrive account:

1. Create a new Google Drive profile and go to Modify > Expert > Cloud settings page. Click on 'Do not use my account' button to stop using the linked account

2. Click on the Authorize button

3. When asked if you would like to re-authorize with the same account click on 'No' button. Then follow the on-screen prompts to allow authorized access and copy/paste the authorization code supplied from the site into SyncBackPro dialog window (using the second Google Drive credentials).

4. Once the authorization is successful, run the profile to backup files from source to new Google Drive account

Thank you
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