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SB Pro8 - Share Filters

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SB Pro8 - Share Filters

Post by clockspeed »

Is there a way to share (import/export) the file filters?

We have a Mic Recording system that creates hourly back-ups every day of files/audio recordings. I have SyncBackPro that back-up's the files based on a file name filter, but I only need files created on Fridays so my filter has to have the date.
Example filename with date/timestamp: 20180601120012_backup.mp3

Since the filename only has the date, without the day name, I have to manually adjust the filters on a monthly basis where I have to enter the dates for Fridays only.

My filter is as follows:

I have a second person that needs access to these backup files for editing, so I need a way to share the filters, without exporting the entire profile, since he uses different folders.
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Re: SB Pro8 - Share Filters

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, does the other user use the same PC as you or use his own PC? (If he uses the same PC as you, does he log on as himself or as the same user as you?)

I'm going to guess he uses a different PC and logs on using his own Windows account. If so, it can be done by you Exporting / him Importing a copy of the profile whose Filters you edited (updated) but instead of using that imported profile directly, he can simply copy the Filters from it via

on the Change Filter dialog of the profile where you want the Filters transferred to > Settings menu > 'Copy these settings from another profile' option > scroll down list > select the 'transport' (imported) profile and copy its Filter settings

into the 'different paths' profile he runs himself on his own PC (and then run the latter)

Note: you should arrange things (renaming profiles accordingly, if necessary) so that the profile you Export (and he Imports) does not use the same profile name as the profile he runs. For example, you could both rename the profiles you use (run) with your initials appended (I'll use dummy values here of ABC for you and XYZ for him) so that you export/he imports 'Profile Name ABC', and he copies its filters into 'Profile Name XYZ' and runs that profile ('Profile Name XYZ') only

It is also possible to do this if you share the PC (or can arrange to do so on an ad hoc basis for this use only) but you can only easily sidestep the Export/Import stage if you both log in as the same user, in which case each user will be able to see (and copy Filters from) the 'other' profile directly via the SBPro GUI. Otherwise, it is complicated by the settings/options that dictate where the profiles are stored for the separate accounts, plus the access privileges (or absence thereof) that apply to those locations. So, if 'separate accounts' applies, you may find the easiest way is to borrow the original concept by you exporting (to a common/shared area) a copy of 'Profile Name ABC' and your colleague Importing it from that area and copying its Filters as above to his 'Profile Name XYZ'.
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