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Max Speed Settings on 10GBE on m.2 with 64G RAM

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Max Speed Settings on 10GBE on m.2 with 64G RAM

Post by ccclapp »

I know there are countless posts on best settings for speed, but none I see address this configuration and requirements, so i am asking here Thanks

Goal: Optimize settings for speed given Requirements and Environment

Requirements: The data is very important so I set...
- Safe Copy
I realize this slows things down

- Optimized 10GBE network running well, set with Jumbo Frames, Large Read/Write cache, etc
- PC's very fast i7 16 core, 32g RAM
- Drives: m.2 pce or SSD in raid 0

- PC to PC sync, multi TB data

Given the above, what settings will optimize SyncBackPro, I assume most will relate to Copy settings in profile. Specifically do you recommend the following:

Q1) Mylti-threaded file copy instead Standard Windows
Q2) Assuming yes, 4 threads or more/less?
Q3) Buffer size = 512, or more/less
Q4) Any general guidance on Verify Filter?

Finally, how would the answers be different if one or both ends were HDDs in RAID 5, i.e only variance is somewhat slower storage, but still fast.

Thanks very much

I love SBP and have used for many years!!!
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