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"date & time" 5 hours different on USB stick when plugged into router

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"date & time" 5 hours different on USB stick when plugged into router

Post by clubchampion »


(I am using SycBack Pro

I sync my laptop with a USB stick plugged directly into the laptop, every day, for years, with no problems. Today I tried something new; I plugged the same USB stick into my network router (tplink archer a2300) to try to sync to the same usb stick through wifi that I have plugged in directly to my laptop for years, but when I try to sync over wifi the date & time on the USB stick are exactly 5 hours earlier than on the laptop (so syncback wants to copy all of the files from the laptop to the usb stick through the router--even though the files had already been synced when the stick was directly plugged into the laptop a few minutes ago).

The router is set to the same time as the PC (it gets the time from the PC). When I take the usb stick out of the router and plug in directly into the laptop and sync this way, this problem disappears.

This may be an issue with my router, I don't know. Any help is appreciated. Your software is the greatest and I use it multiple times per day.

Mike Williams

P.S. Screencap attached.
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Re: "date & time" 5 hours different on USB stick when plugged into router

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A number of SyncBack users in the past reported weird issues (file copy errors, problem retaining last modification date/time stamps and other problems) when backing-up files to a hard drive connected to a router. The possible reasons for this are explained here, which you can refer to for further details:


If the problem disappears when the USB drive is plugged in directly to the computer then your router could be the cause of the issue.

Thank you.
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