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Resuming profile after a crash

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Resuming profile after a crash

Post by peaston »

If the computer restarts or something else interrupts a running profile, I would like to resume the profile where it left off.

I have some large backups (millions of items) from Azure storage containers. If they are interrupted, the re-scanning and re-comparing items already looked at wastes a great deal of time.

With AzCopy, if the program is stopped for any reason, I can simply rerun the same command and it will continue from where it left off. It doesn't need to rescan the source. It doesn't have to compare files already downloaded. It just resumes from the last file it was working on at the time of the interruption.

Does Syncback Pro support similar functionality?
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Re: Resuming profile after a crash

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, not supported. But, I will pass your request to the relevant department.

Thank you.
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