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Log Location Setting not working

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Log Location Setting not working

Post by RWReiterJr »

Using SyncBackPro V8.5.90.0 (x64) under Windows 10, I first changed the Preferences > Log Setting dialog box's "Store all my log files in the following folder:" to a specific folder that I had created on the PC's C: drive for this purpose. This folder location specification is fixed, something like "C:\abcxyz\SyncBackPro\Logs\" and does not involve or use any %variables%. A few days later, after importing a set of profiles that I exported from another PC, I ran some of those profiles. They all worked just fine and I was able to view all the logs for the profiles that I ran. Everything seemed to be in order.

However, a few hours later I opened to the specified folder "C:\abcxyz\SyncBackPro\Logs\" using Windows File Explorer and discovered that it was an empty folder - no logs files at all stored there! Relaunching SyncBackPro and checking the profiles that I had run, I could still view their logs , but I noticed that the filename being viewed (as shown at the top of my browse window) had a folder path name like "file:///C:/Users/myusername/AppData/Local/2BrightSparks/SyncBackPro/Logs/" which I think is the default log location setting. Indeed, all of the log files were found to be residing there.

So the Log Location Setting does not seem to be working as intended, at least not for me, with this version of SyncBackPro, for imported profiles, etc. But I had a similar setup on that other PC and the Log Location Setting seemed to work as advertised, at least for a slightly older version of SyncBackPro V8, etc.

I haven't tried any other variations for troubleshooting purposes. Just thought I search the forum (didn't find anything relevant) and then thought I'd post this new topic.
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Re: Log Location Setting not working

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, I can't reproduce your issue. Can you please submit a support zip with debug logs of the profile run to [email protected] for investigation. Full instructions for creating and submitting the support zip are given here: ... les/213970

If your Zip is over 30MB, contact us for alternate instructions, advising the actual size. Do not try to attach to the ticket!

Do not post (nor links to) Support Zips on this open forum.

Thank you.
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