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Synchronizing 2 devices using OneDrive

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Synchronizing 2 devices using OneDrive

Post by sbwul »

Using a mklink /junction I have linked a folder on my desktop pc with a OneDrive folder.
Those are then being synchronized.

Now I would like to have a folder on my laptop being synchronized with the OneDrive folder.
My assumption is then any changes in the folders on laptop or PC are then being synchronized.

AFAIK this can not be done without a 3rd party tool.

I have SyncBackPro installed on my laptop. Have just created a profile that will sync the OneDrive folder with a folder on my laptop.
Probably this profile should always run in the background.

This profile is set up for 1 pair of folders. When running, it halted, as it found same files but different timestamp and prompts me what to do.

1. where can I set that in case of different timestamp, the file with the oldest timestamp should be kept, i.e. the one with a newer timestamp should always be overwritten. Sometimes, for whatever reason, files may get a newer timestamp. If a file exists with an older timestamp, then that date 'counts'.

2. I have a number of folders this way. Have never worked with group profiles.
I assume that I have first create individual profiles and then add them to a group and that group should run in the background?

Recommendations are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Synchronizing 2 devices using OneDrive

Post by Swapna »


Can you please submit a support ticket to [email protected] with your profile configuration (select the profile from SyncBackPro main-window > right click > select 'Export Profile' from the pop-up menu) for assistance.

Do not post (nor links to) profiles on this open forum.

Thank you.
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