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Prompt for variable value on profile start

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Prompt for variable value on profile start

Post by madamx »

Hello everyone
Is there a way to get SyncBackPro to prompt/ask me for the value of a profile variable every time the profile is run? I'm trying to set up a profile which allows me to choose a folder under a defined path to sync (without changing settings each time).

The use case is to allow me to copy a subset of my photos to/from my laptop (as there isn't space for all of them), where the subset to copy will change depending on what I'm working on.
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Re: Prompt for variable value on profile start

Post by mickyj »

Hi, you can pass the source and/or destination directories to use via the command line (see -source and -dest in the Command Line Parameters section of the help file). So one option would be to create a batch file that prompts you and then runs SyncBackPro using those supplied directories:

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@echo off
set /p source="Enter source directory: "
set /p dest="Enter destination directory: "
"C:\Program Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackPro\SyncBackPro.exe" -source %source% -dest %dest% myprofile
Note the above assume you are using 64-bit SyncBackPro and that your profile is called myprofle (change as appropriate). Save it to a batch file, e.g. myprofile.bat, on your desktop. Then just double-click it to run it and be prompted for the directories.
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Re: Prompt for variable value on profile start

Post by cliffhanger »

Hi, you could also/instead set up the (or 'a') profile to use the Windows Shell Extension that comes with Pro (only), so that you could right-click a folder or drive in File Explorer and specify which profile to use to 'feed' the contents of the folder/drive you selected to a Destination. This destination can either be hard-wired (in the profile) or it can be prompted for after the right-click (the response to the prompt then overrides the 'wired' Destination)


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