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Ignore macOS Files

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Ignore macOS Files

Post by pjg »

I use Syncback Pro to sync files between my laptop and a USB key. The key is often also used on a mac which means I have two hidden folders ".Spotlight-V100" and ".Trashes". Also, for every Mac file I place on the key, it creates a ".xxx" file. Is there an option to automatically ignore the various standard Mac files ? Or ignore all files that start with a dot ? Or something else ?

2BrightSparks Staff
2BrightSparks Staff
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Re: Ignore macOS Files

Post by mickyj »

Hi, just add them to your filters for the profile:

- Modify your profile
- Click the Change Filter button
- The Filters window appears. On the right (files/folders NOT to copy), click Add and type in *\.Spotlight-V100\
- Repeat the above step to add *\.Trashes\
- Note that you need that trailing slash as it's a folder, not a file.
- The asterisk at the beginning means it applies to all folders and not just the root folder.
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