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Mirror over VPN --

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Mirror over VPN --

Post by jsdrexel »

Hey all,

We are running a mirror session from multiple servers over a VPN to another server to get some offsite backups in place. My issue is when it was local, it would do the scan pretty quick, but over the VPN, it's taking much longer. Too long actually. These servers have over a million files on them, so this might not end up working. We just changed it to offsite today and I really didn't think it was going to take that long. We have a pretty large pipe between the VPNs -- 300mb. I was just wondering if there was a way to keep a local cache of the destination so it doesn't have to rescan every night, or is there no way around this?

Thanks for any insight or recommendations of a better way to do it.
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Re: Mirror over VPN --

Post by Swapna »


You can enable 'Fast Backup' option in SyncBackPro. This option reduces the scan time of a profile by ignoring the destination scanning, which can be enabled under:

Modify > Expert > Fast Backup > Perform a fast backup

When this option is enabled SyncBack builds a database of your Source (during the first run with Fast Backup option enabled) as it is at the time. And i the next run scans that database of Source-last against Source-now and work out the differences. Note the first run of the profile with Fast Backup enabled (or a Rescan backups) will take the same amount of time as without Fast Backup enabled. This is because the Source against Destination will be scanned to identify the file differences on both sides.

For additional details on Fast Backup, please read these KB articles: ... 3000335871 ... 3000335974

Thank you.
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