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Feature Request - Backup and Archive Directories Individually

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Feature Request - Backup and Archive Directories Individually

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I came across multiple times in different clients to a situation where I have thousands of folders with millions of files to be backed up daily (over a million of files with about 400 GB of data). I need to back them up on the cloud space and doing a full backup daily is impossible!!! So the other solution is of course the deferential backup but here is the big problem. These files are not individual and independent files that I can back them up and restore individually. Every folder has a few sub-folders and a few hundreds of files that all of them together consist a database! Every-time there are changes to the database, all the files need to be backed up together as a snapshot, otherwise the backup copy of this database is not proper.

There are a lot of widely used software solutions that are still using old technology database structures. Simply Accounting is one of them, just to name one!

Please consider to add this as an option to the SyncBackPro.

I've been using your software for myself and my clients for many years now. BTW, I was the one to suggest the old days, the option of what you call "Fast Backup"!


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