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Destination folder based on the file date

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Silent Fly
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Destination folder based on the file date

Post by Silent Fly »

I need to copy a group of files from a drive to another. All the files in the source are in a single folder.

The destination is also a single folder. However, the files should be stored in subfolders determined by the file creation date. The folder should be created if it does not exist. For example:

Code: Select all

Source (D:\data\):
D:\data\x.jpg      12/Jan/2019
D:\data\y.txt      15/Feb/2019
D:\data\z.doc	   16/Feb/2019
D:\data\abc.mp4    16/Feb/2019

Code: Select all

Destination (F:\backup\):
I know that SyncBackPro can create subfolders based on variables but the variables available are related to the date the profile runs not the date of the file.

Do you know if this can be done? (Preferably in a simple way :) )

Thank you!
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