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Synchronizing Dropbox Business Shared Folders

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Synchronizing Dropbox Business Shared Folders

Post by omtr »

Hi 2BS,

i want to create Backups from Dropbox Business shared folders, which means that these folders are not managed in the Dropbox Business Web Backend, instead they are created by anyone in the company and this person usually decides who else can get access to it. We have a couple of these folders. I manually added the dropbox user that we use for the backups to these shared folders. But this has not have any effect: In SyncBackPro, i cannot see these folders.

Can you tell what i am doing wrong?

Thanks for your support!

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Re: Synchronizing Dropbox Business Shared Folders

Post by Swapna »


Sorry, we haven’t tested with Dropbox Business shared folders. However, SyncBackPro works with Dropbox Personal shared folder, if that folder is visible in the Files section:

1. First, you need to explicitly share the folder/file with a person or group (by entering their email addresses)
2. An email will be sent to them with a link to the shared file or folder
3. They need to click on the link and manually add the folder to their file list to backup files to/from it to destination

Thank you
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