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FIles Changes Not Being Detected

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FIles Changes Not Being Detected

Post by cjm2265 »

I already opened a ticket for this problem, but I'd like to see if the community has any answers.

I recently made a profile on SyncBackPro to mirror my music folder to my android phone (SyncBack Touch). It can properly detect when new songs are added to the source and will mirror those to the SyncBack Touch device. However, it is not detecting other changes such as files that have been removed from the source or files whose tags (e.g. artist, album, title, etc.) have been changed on the source. I set up the profile so that it would do all these things. Unfortunately, I cannot attach the .sps profile.

I can see that SyncBackPro thinks those files still exist on the source when I open the "choose sub-directories and files" window. When I view my music folder on Windows those files are non-existent. Please see the screenshots attached below.

I tried to "Clean Up", I tried clearing the log files, and I tried ticking the option in the profile under "Compare Options" that says "Use slower but more reliable method of file change detection". None were successful.

Windows 10
SyncBackPro V8.3.6.0
Android 9

How can I fix this?
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Re: FIles Changes Not Being Detected

Post by Swapna »


We have answered via your parallel support ticket.

Thank you
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