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Failed to rename temp file: File does not exist

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Failed to rename temp file: File does not exist

Post by musella »

I just started using SynchbackPro V8.6.6.3 64 bit version. I ran it 3 times and each time I get this same error 345 times:

Failed to copy from PC D: : Safe copy failed. Failed to rename temp file: File does not exist

I can verify that the files are there in the source directory but they all have a smiliar name. I am thinking the names may be at fault:


They all have the directory _MACOSX and most have the filename starting with ._

I have no idea why the directory is named that and why the files start with ._ but it is what it is and I can't change it but need to back it up
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Re: Failed to rename temp file: File does not exist

Post by Swapna »


Please generate/submit a support zip with debug logs of the profile run to [email protected] for investigation. Full instructions for creating and submitting the support zip are given here: ... 3000335603

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Do not post (nor links to) Support Zips on this open forum.

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Re: Failed to rename temp file: File does not exist

Post by Engztrom »

It could be your antivirus program that deletes the temporary file that is created during a safe copy.
(Temporary files for safe copies are on the format "SBSE____.???", where "???" can be any three letter combination).

Most likely a false positive detected by the heuristic antivirus algorithm on the partly copied temporary file,
because if it really is a virus then the original source file would probably have been deleted instead.
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