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10 gigabit performance

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10 gigabit performance

Post by Strikermed »

Hey guys, new to the forum, but I’ve been using syncbackpro for a couple years now. I use it primarily to backup and sync all my data across 3 NAS and photo to amazon cloud drive.

My question for the community is about 10 gigabit performance and how you guys may have your systems configured.

I have a FreeNAS VM (with HBA and NIC passthroufh). I’m using a 10gigabit connection that is linked to a 10gig switch and that switch connects to a 1 gigabit switch and then 1 gig again to my firewall/router. It’s a layer 3 switch.

I just set up a brand new Synology DS1817 and I’m using 10 gigabit again.

I also have a Synology DS413 that I’m going to repurpose for
Just cloud back for family photos/phone and computer backups.

I have a single PC that is a 10 gigabit connection that I access most of this data with.

I run a Windows 10 pro VM on the same machine as FreeNAS. It handles my automated stuff. For instance, I run my security cameras, my home automation, and Plex off of this VM. Most importantly I run my syncbackpro on this VM as well.

The problem is i have to backup my FreeNAS box on my Synology DS1817 and it’s abkut 16TB worth of data. I can’t manage to find an easier way to do this than to use syncbackpro, and i was hoping that with both FreeNAS and the Synology box having 10 gigabit, and upwards of 300MB/s transfers between the two with my windows 10 pc that has a 10G card, that I could get a faster backup.

With the windows VM I have two connections. Both are virtual. One is a virtual 10gig connection to the computer itself, but it’s routed through a single 1G NIC. I also have a virtual VLAN connection for my security setup. When I attempt to run syncbackpro, I’m only seeing 1G speeds for transfers.

I was wondering if there is a configuration where I could utilize the fatter pipes of my 10gig connections. My first thought was to go directly from
FreeNAS to the Synology box, but it serves to be difficult to setup and monitor rsync, and I like the capability of monitoring syncback pro.

Any help would be appreciated
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