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Mirror Backup to Amazon S3

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Mirror Backup to Amazon S3

Post by guimap »

I have a mirror backup that copies files/folders from a Windows 2016 to an Amazon S3.

From time to time in Windows users change folders name from "Operations" to "OPERATIONS", for example. When I browse the S3, I see both folders ( Operations and OPERATIONS) because Amazon S3 is case sensitive. In the profile settings, the decision is "Automatic" when there is a folder in destination and not in the source. What I would expect is that the destination folder to be deleted and re-upload to the new folder that has the current name.

Is there anyway I can solve this this?

Thank you
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Re: Mirror Backup to Amazon S3

Post by Swapna »


Can you please export and send your profile configuration (select the profile > right click > choose 'Export Profile' from the pop-up menu) to [email protected] for investigation?

Thank you.
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